Very good, doctor resolve all my needs. Thank you

Larisa T. | Jun 01, 2023
I loved all the Filipino nurses that I have been talking to, very knowledgeable of their crafts. They are very helpful, compassionate and efficient.

Lourdes T. | May 01, 2023
You guys are the best

Silvia H. | Jan 13, 2023
I am always taken good care of my medical ends.

Mohammed W. | Jan 13, 2023
My last visit was with the nurse practitioner and she was knowledgeable and very helpful. I have been a patient of Dr. Kazi for over 20 years and have great respect for his diagnosis and treatment skills.

John H. | Jan 12, 2023
I wias there to request manipulation treatment for my back and neck and. they requested pain management and I don't know if I am going to have chiropractor treatment I called the insurance and was told that it is available then I called back to the doctor office to request treatment and I haven't received a call back to be informed

Carmen P. | Jan 12, 2023
Very happy as a new patient great staff and also excellent service.

Kevin S. | Jan 03, 2023
Clearly stated by Meagan. Thank you.

Snehal J. | Dec 28, 2022
Dr Kazi has been my doctor for over 15 years it’s so easy to go in there after you make an appointment and you get everything you need he’s very gentle and a very nice person if I ever have to go to the doctor I’m happy to go to see him

Gary H. | Dec 28, 2022
Great talk lots of advice very productive Thank you!

Dumitru M. | Dec 22, 2022
My mom it's been Dr Kazi patient for over 9 years, he is a wonderful, caring doctor, he is paying attention to all my mom needs, always giving full attention and good care. The stuff members customer service improved tremendously through the years and we appreciate them, the down part that will not rate 5 starts it's the waiting time being too long if you would want to see Dr.Kazi, and also being a urgent care office waiting long time to see someone even when you have an appointments it's always an issue.

Mihaela M. | Nov 09, 2022
Very positive experience! Love going back there

Eva M. | Sep 25, 2022
Highly professional and friendly doctors and staff .

Hania M. | Sep 15, 2022
Never seen by Dr Manzoor Kazi The nurse practitioner was great First time I have an appointment with a doctor that I just don’t meet! Pretty disappointed.

Maureen D. | Sep 15, 2022
Prompt calling. Easy to do referrals.

Erica J. | Sep 14, 2022
The PA Megan Suwara treats my adult son with intellectual disabilities with respect and kindness. She is thorough and detail oriented in his care.

Erika S. | Sep 14, 2022

Yelp Reviews

I've been attending to this location since I switch insurances, I've been seen by MEGAN since.

Megan is extremely knowledgeable and she made me feel very comfortable since day one, she listens and gives me the time I need to discuss every single question, the nurses are extremely sweet and very professional.

I recently attended for my yearly "female" appointment with Megan and all I can say is
I am never going to any other NP of physician, she was quick, very soft handed but most importantly she made me feel very comfortable in my skin!

She is the best, make sure to book your appointment with her only.

Lyla H. | Oct 12, 2022
This is a long one but worth it I promise!
I went to a different urgent care first because I was having a reaction to antibiotics and they insisted it was heat rash. I decided to try Palm Desert urgent care because my reaction kept getting worse and worse and I'm so glad I did! I got checked in quickly at the front and Ava took me back to get all my vitals. She was super nice and efficient. Megan the NP came in and knew right away what the problem was, I am so happy she could spot the reaction. She also suggested allergy testing so I can pinpoint exactly which antibiotics I'm allergic to for the future which may seem obvious but it never occurred to me. Ava came back in and gave me the quickest and least painful shot of my life and I was on my merry way. I ended up bringing my daughter in a few weeks later and we were seen by Megan again. I was extremely concerned but Megan was so thorough and patient. She knew exactly what to ask us to pinpoint what the issue may be. She gave us very clear instructions on how to care for her while we waited for lab results and scheduled a telehealth follow up appointment. Unfortunately the lab we used had some new employees and it looked as though they had lost my daughters specimen. I casually mentioned this to Shaz at Palm Desert Urgent Care and he went into instant mission mode. He called the lab, spoke to various employees and supervisors and he was able to track down her specimen just in time! I am SO thankful he persisted. I highly suggest this urgent care.

Ashley M. | Jun 10, 2022
Megan is very good. She detected that I have a blockage in carotid artery. She is very through and compassionate. I am switching to this practice

Katy P. | Nov 10, 2021
Came to see Dr Kazi he took care of all my needs and his MA Ana was great she was very kind and answered all my questions.

William W. | Apr 13, 2023
Dr. Kazi is a great doctor and his staff are doing a great job

Edgar T. | Apr 12, 2023
I trust Dr Kazi he has taken care of my mother and wife with great care . I have been seeing Dr for decades and he always takes care of us

Burns H. | Apr 12, 2023
My first time coming here was a few months ago. Making an appointment was easy, and as soon as I got there I was taken to a waiting room promptly. I saw Megan who was very nice and professional, and seemed to understand my issue very well. She recommended some meds that have most definitely helped me and was able to send them electronically to my local CVS. Overall a very good experience here, i have since been back and it was also a very good experience, and I would recommend to anyone who needs to get in and see a Doctor quickly. (My primary care Doctor takes like a month to get seen, by comparison).

Robert C. | Aug 12, 2022
I found the holy grail of an amazing medical care provider. Megan Suwara has been a saint for not only me but also my daughter. My daughter is a toddler and in daycare which means she gets sick about every 3-4 weeks with a new cold, flu, or some crazy disease like hand, foot, mouth disease. It is nearly impossible to get in to see our designated family doctor, each time I call, they have no availability for weeks out. BUT Ms. Suwara is there! I show up, and they see us. My daughter is able to get the attention she needs and I get peace of mind. Megan is so patient and kind with us. I can tell she actually wants to help us feel better. She explains all this science medical stuff so that I understand what the infection is or the bacteria is etc and she explains the medication clearly. I probably shouldn't be telling you how amazing the service has been cause then she will get even busier but I am just so freaking grateful to finally find someone that I feel does a great thorough job, cares, and treats my daughter with such patience and compassion; I really don't mind if that means I'll have to wait maybe a hour to be assisted. That beats waiting weeks or days to see some other provider that only feigns care and spends less than 3 minutes in the room.

Lily A. | Aug 10, 2022
Dr. Kazi is a godsend. He's a very patient person who genuinely cares about his patients. He always takes the time to explain things to me in terms that I can understand. He's diligent in making sure his patient's health is the best it can be. The entire staff is wonderful. I would recommend Dr. Kazi to anyone seeking a kind, compassionate, and brilliant doctor!

Rona R. | Jun 13, 2022
Such a great office and doctor. The wait times are relatively short (usually 15 minutes maximum). The doctor and nurse practitioner are so understanding. We've never had an issue with either of them. Office staff is great too - very friendly and professional!

Keke S. | Jun 13, 2022
Best family doctor ever. We are treated like family. You are not just a number. Amazing staff, they do anything and everything to help you and get you the best care. We love this doctor and office staff!!!

Francis R. | Jun 13, 2022
I have been with Dr. Kazi now for almost 2 years. Dr. Kazi is always professional and compassionate. He relates well to people and takes time to listen and takes appropriate action on the symptoms. He is good at building trust with his patients.

Rona S. | Jun 13, 2022
I'm very satisfied with Palm Desert Urgent Medical team. They offer excellent service. I was little hesitant to go there because of some negative reviews that i have read. But i realized, most complains seemed by patients who do not understand the office policies.

Ana N. | Jun 8, 2022
I feel very qualified to write this review as my entire family of 4 have now visited this urgent care. Some of us more than others... I have also sent other families here and have heard nothing but positive experiences from them as well. They are great with kids and adults. We had to go several times while Covid was in full swing and everyone we encountered did their absolute best to put us all at ease in some stressful situations. I want to point out that this office is URGENT care and I appreciate that they act with urgency. Shaz at the front and Megan the NP are always quick, efficient and thorough. We check in, wait our turn, are seen and leave with the necessary prescription/lab request/referral and if needed a follow up telehealth appointment.

Taylor G. | Jun 6, 2022
They assisted me very well. I appreciate so much how they treat their clients. They are very approachable and calm when talking. They helped me with all my concerns and make sure to speak slowly when giving instructions. I also thank Dr. Kazi for helping with my concerns. Overall my experience was great! Thank you for the Great service.

Ashantee Wayne D. | Jun 5, 2022
The service is great! They were very approachable and helpful. Dr. Kazi helped me with my concern in regards to my health. Again, thank you to Dr. Kazi, Shaz, Rona, Jaz, Alex, and the rest of the staff for the great service.

Jaeaie S. | Jun 5, 2022
I was treated by Megan for an infection. She went above and beyond to get my antibiotic prescription to the correct pharmacy. She is kind and extremely knowledgeable in the care she provides. I will continue to see Megan in the future and would recommend her to all of my family and friends!

Jen T. | Jun 3, 2022
I have Dr. Megan with palm desert urgent care she's a wonderful doctor my mom had her my wife she is the best she help me with my diabetes made my A1c go down from 10.1 to 6.9 in one month really good doctor I'm so thankful for her she make my life happy again

Ali M. | Jun 3, 2022
My visit here was great. I saw Megan who is a nurse practitioner there. She was helpful and focused. She helped me understand how to treat my illness. I definitely recommend her!!

Courtney J. | Jun 3, 2022
This place knows what they are doing and follows all codes. All bad reviews are people who are impatient and don't understand how the medical industry work. Dr.Kazi is renowned throughout the whole valley, until you are trying to get things done your own way, which is not how the medical field works, and where all the complaints come from. I promise you not one complaint is from someone who has worked at a clinic before.

Danyal K. | Sep 16, 2021